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• Through the Grapevine…

Things heard here & there that may interest you or strike your fancy… Click on the images and links to find out what our grapevine holds… Primaries and Caucuses In America’s two-party political system, political parties rely on primary elections and caucuses to nominate candidates for general elections. Political parties provide resources to the […]

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As many in the USA seem to be developing an infatuation with the economic ‘know-how’ of European countries, I would like to submit to them this article I have read recently and which discusses the subject at hand. It always helps to put things into perspective especially before making decisions that involve […]

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• MARCH 2015

La Légende de Quisqueya I & II de Margaret Papillon La Légende de Quisqueya I Suite à un pari, quatre adolescents, Ralph, Christine, Ruddy et Leïla, se lancent à la conquête du pic Macaya, haut de 2400 mètres. En cours de route, ils rencontrent un vieux griot qui s’oppose à […]

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• JANUARY 2015

MIMI DESIR, Plastician Born in 1962, Mimi Desir is an emerging artist who studied at the George Washington University, Montgomery College, and University of Maryland. Her paintings have been annotated in 2013 in “PRESENCE FEMININE DANS L’ART HAITIEN”, by art historian Marie Alice Theard. In 2014 she exposed her works with […]

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• MAY 2014

DANS CE NUMÉRO: THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE: Et puis, ce fut l’hiver [Alain Lebon];  Savez-vous “tchiper”?  [du Net}] SAK PASE, AYITI: Sur les enjeux de la créolisation unique de l’enseignement en Haïti [Emmanuelle Gilles​]; Quand l’union fait la force & Le charbon écologique haitien [Georges Valmé]; Lettre a Pamela White; Un halo […]

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