Monique Serres

Monique Serres is a realist painter who uses charcoal, pastel, gouache, acrylic, watercolor and oil. Color and proportion are paramount in her compositions. She often uses metaphors to depict the constant struggle of mankind to attain peace or perfection. Her work also depicts African and Caribbean people in their everyday struggle for survival, a revelation of their daily reality. She thinks that the value of art lies equally in what it says and how it says it by implying meaning through allegory, pose, facial expression, or by evoking them through elements such as color and form.


• Studied painting in Haiti
• Also at the School of Visual Arts
• Arts Students League
• Paint in realist style.
• Some of my works hangs in many private collections: among others which Irving Burgie (NYC) & Max Browning (France)

• Fashion Institute of Technology
• Arts Student League

• Royal Canberra Show Award, Australia
• First Prize & People Choice Award Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center



Contact the artist for more details about the paintings.

Les créations de MONIQUE SERRES




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