Judith Salomon Darucaud


I am a self-taught artist who simply put, “took to art” as soon as I could hold a crayon.

Immersing myself in my paintings allows me to pursue my passion and release creative energy. From the moment I pick up my brush, I am transported to this perfect Eden where it is just me, my canvas and endless possibilities. There is buried inside my spiritual shell, a sun worshiper, storm chaser, and desert wanderer longing to unearth all of the mysterious and infinite truths of the universe for transference to my canvas.

My preferred mediums are oils and acrylics. I love painting portraits, abstracts, nudes, landscapes, and seascapes, etc. However, portraiture is fast becoming my first love due to my affinity for capturing people’s expressions of “joy and pain” or as I prefer to say “sunshine and rain.”

• Portraits
• Sketches
• Nudes
• Land and seascapes
• Abstracts
• Caricatures
• Cartoons
Reproductions available

1101 Poinciana Drive, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
786-797-4498 – jdarucaud@gmail.com



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