MAY 2021 – Issue 103


    • 12 Books That Will Lift You Up When You Are Down
    • Pleins feux sur CASCADE TOUYAC
    • Enlevez la tablette à vos enfants et donnez-leurs un instrument de musique
    • Justine Bateman’s Aging Face & Why She Doesn’t Think It Needs ‘Fixing’


5 thoughts on “MAY 2021 – Issue 103

  1. What a positive, inspiring, and educational way to begin every month. Thank you, Maryse; we make me proud to be a child of Haiti chérie!


    1. You’ve made my day, dear Ingrid and those sleepless nights preparing the issues taste like candies now. Thanks a lot, dear friend! Be sure to invite other friends and family members to get acquainted with Coucou Magazine.


  2. Such a beautiful issue, as always!!! Amazing artwork and very interesting and inspiring articles! Thank you for all of the loving efforts you put into making COUCOU Magazine so amazing!!!


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