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JUN 2019 & Albert Desmangles


  • How to look effortlessly attractive
  • Graduates, it’s time to unlearn college
  • Ne te laisse pas faire, ma sœur!
  • La Forêt de la Plaine des Fougères
  • Réformer & repenser le capital humain en Haïti
  • Parlons Technique
  • Vault of Haïti
  • Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Skewers
  • Les Couleurs de l’Amour
  • D-DAY: Normandy 1944

How to Look Effortlessly Attractive

by Jovana Louis

Showing tons of skin does not always translate to sexy or attractive

  1. Lots of sex.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Wear sexy underwear, people around you won’t know, but you will be aware of it, and will feel sexy as a result.
  4. Avoid any tacky clothes at all cost. Choose fabrics that are soft and make people want to touch you and hug you. Cashmere and silk are great for that, and they give the impression you are kind of messy chic, which is the recipe of how to look effortlessly hot!
  5. Wear eyeglasses with confidence, they look so hot if you know how to wear them.
  6. Your face should look awake.Make sure you get plenty of sleep, and have no dark circles
  7. Give yourself regular “pampering” treats such as sauna, massages etc.
  8. Love yourself and everything you do.
  9. Make sure your teeth are always white.
  10. Wear something like a man’s shirt only, a backless top with boyfriend jeans, high heels with oversize pants. To be on the safe side, pick a all black look, you cannot go wrong with that! Extra large clothes in general look effortlessly hot, if you add a sexy detail.
  11. Have regular hair removal.
  12. Pick a signature scent for you, but pick one that is not too sweet or strong.
  13. Have your hands and feet manicured and pedicured, but leave them as natural as possible and short.
  14. Your beauty routine: nothing will make you feel more attractive effortlessly than knowing you take good care of yourself. Take a shower with a soap that smells good everyday, apply a nice moisturizer to your skin, clean your face with floral water every morning.
  15. Be confident because only by being natural and relaxed you can achieve effortless beauty.


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