Eric Girault was born in Jeremie on Haiti’s southern peninsula, on December 4, 1937. Girault is called “The Vibration of Life” for the sensation viewers get from his work. After his primary classes under Christian instruction, he completed his secondary education in Lycee Nord Alexis and College Saint Louis of Jeremie.

Girault had a passion for drawing at a very young age. Every year, the Lycee organized a drawing competition on the “Haitian Flag Day”. In 1956, he participated and won the Second Prize.

In 1959, Girault moved to Port-au-Prince and met Isaa El Saieh, who encouraged him to join the Brochette Studio (School of Art). Girault studied there until 1961 and met the artist Lazard, Ti Ga and Cedor, who became his best friends.

In 1962, Girault met the Maurice Brothers, Haitian sculptors, who introduced him to the gallery “Artist Fingers”.

He became acquainted with the artist Jolicoeur and during this period, Girault composed poems about the sea and the beach. In the same year, he participated in the Paintings Competition patronized by the ESSO.

Girault joined the Foyer Des Arts Plasticques in 1967. Two years later, he discovered his own impressionist style. The artist Jean Renee Jerome introduced him to art dealer Georges Nader. In 1973, Girault had his first exhibit with two other Haitian artists at the Nader Art Gallery and then participated in several international exhibits.

In 1976, Girault moved to the United State with his family and continued to paint. He did not change his style, but he watched American life and his works reflect it. Twelve of his productions were on view for the month of July, 1977 at: La Librarie De France” at Rockefeller Center. After this exhibit, French critic Jean Pigon took a few paintings to Paris where they enjoyed a wild success.

In 1978, Girault participated with ten other Haitian artists in an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, where his paintings were a great hit. This show launched the successful recognition that Girault continues to enjoy today in the United States and abroad.

From 1980 through 2004 Girault was consistently active in exhibits several times a year at different galleries, museums, art events and fundraisers. Since then, his activity has slowed down significantly due to his impaired vision from glaucoma and macular degeneration. Today, although he only has 25% of his foggy vision left, he continues to be inspired and creates art every day in his studio in New York City. His latest project of bold and vivid watercolors has been a success.

Eric Girault enjoys living in New York City, but his heart is still in Haiti. He is concerned and passionate about the preservation and education of Haitian architecture, particularly the endangered Gingerbread style houses. He has reproduced these delicate homes on large canvases to help raise awareness.


Recipient of “Leadership – The Promise of Haiti” Award by the Friends of FOKAL on March 27, 2015 at the Medici Group headquarters in New York

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