Mim Legendre Desir

Meet MIMI DESIR, Plastician

  • Born in 1962, Mimi Desir is an emerging artist who studied at the George Washington University, Montgomery College, and University of Maryland. Her paintings have been annotated in 2013 in “PRESENCE FEMININE DANS L’ART HAITIEN”, by art historian Marie Alice Theard. In 2014 she exposed her works with the group Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts and at Harvard University in Massachussetts. Her current work embraces a wide range of subjects. She resides in the Boston area and visits Haiti frequently. Her slogan “MY ART IS MY VOICE” derives from her life struggles and how she overcame them. She had done solo and group exhibits. Her work is sold in the U.S., Canada, and Haiti and can be seen at: 

    Contact Mimi at:

    • legendmyname@gmail.com
    • SHOWROOM IN ATTLEBORO, MA – 774-219-6429