Moira’s Beaded Treasures


Moira's beaded treasuresA WORD FROM MOIRA: “I’ve always enjoyed being stylish with a unique color coordinated flair. Everything I wore needed to match. The problem I encountered was finding high-quality jewelry in my style and color. I would make clothes and create outfits to match the jewelry I purchased. This frustration greatly influenced my desire to make my own jewelry. Friends and colleagues would ask for my jewelry, when

ever I wore a new creation. The jewelry was being sold almost as fast as I could create them,  which,  guided me to start Moira’s Beaded Treasures.

I use high-quality semi-precious beads, no plastic, in my designs, combined with Sterling Silver, Gold filled, Stainless Steel, and Copper findings. I also use a variety of other beads, including, glass, ceramic, crystal, quartz, fresh water pearls, and shell. Each set is as unique as the person, on whom, it is worn. I am confident that you will enjoy wearing my creations as much as I enjoy creating them for you.”

Moira Alvarez


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