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APR 2019 – ALPI – Alphonse Piard Jr.

  • Did Capital Punishment Create Morality?
  • L’autopsie d’un mal politique
  • La Roche Écrite
  • Parlons Technique
  • Vault of Haïti
  • Poisson Grillé – Sauce Piquante
  • Le Procès des Timbres: L’affaire Audubon
  • The Guilt 2 “Over My Dead Body”




Félicitations, Wanga Nègès !


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Maryse Elysee

Retired Educator; Poet/Writer

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  1. Dear Maryse,

    Thank you oh so very much for the awesome full page ad in Coucou! I am praying that God send a good buyer for my property through you, so I may reward you handsomely for your help! Hug, Ingrid/Anne Marie

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