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Un cadeau de St. Valentin pour la délectation du lectorat de Coucou Magazine… Enjoy!




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To chore assign or not to chore assign? That is the question of the day. What is your take on the matter? Do you see it as some kind of “child slavery” or teaching responsibility at an early stage in life? If you are confused about which side to be, read the following article and suggested reading to hopefully formulate your own opinion. Bonne lecture!

21% of Parents Don’t Require Their Kids to Do Chores

Ever feel like a meanie by requiring your kids to help with family chores, such as folding laundry or washing dishes? You shouldn’t, because as Time Magazine reports, children whose parents require them to do chores are likely to be more successful in life.

Reporting on a recent survey from Funifi, TIME notes the ups and downs of chores:

“Setting regular chores probably means you will argue more. A third of parents in the U.S. who require their youngsters to perform regular household duties argue with them once a week, according to the survey. That compares with just 21% of parents that do not require that their kids perform household chores.

But the payoff is big. According to the survey, among parents who require chores:

  • 87% report their kids are doing well in school, vs. 61% of parents who do not require chores.
  • 92% report their kids are creative, vs. 80% of parents who do not require chores.
  • 88% regard their kids as responsible, vs. 63% of parents who do not require chores.
  • 92% regard their kids as disciplined, vs. 78% of parents who do not require chores.”

There are an increasing number of complaints in today’s society that many in the younger generation have an overly-sensitive, entitled approach to family, school, and work. Would we see a decline in this type of attitude if more parents sought to instill responsibility and a strong work ethic in their children through chores like those in the list below?


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Maryse Elysee

Retired Educator; Poet/Writer

9 replies

  1. Je T’aime

    Je t’aime avec cette passion
    Qui ne connaît pas de déceptions,
    Fidélité qui ne peut trahir,
    Courant impétueux de dévotion
    Débordant les rives de la franchise.
    Tu es ce bonheur qui ne m’a jamais été donné,
    Auquel je n’avais jamais encore goûté,
    Cette image qui me fait sourire malgré moi
    Quand les jours de misère me font perdre la foi.
    Tu es cette joie qui fait fuir mes chagrins,
    Ce joyau en écrin que me confit le destin.
    Reine de mes nuits, déesse de mes jours,
    Je t’aime comme on aime pour la première fois.
    Je t’aime avec mon cœur, je t’aime.
    Je t’aime avec mes mains, je t’aime.
    Je t’aime d’amour, je t’aime.
    Je t’aime avec cette douleur
    Qui déchire mes entrailles
    Quand de tes peines coulent des larmes.
    Je t’aime avec tous les fibres de mon être, je t’aime
    Et je suis heureux quand je t’aime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. L’amour est la plus belle des passions et quand il est exprimé avec tant d’intensité et de sincérité un chef-d’œuvre de poème en est né.
      Compliment Kristo Nicolas et merci de ta participation à cette explosion d’amour en prélude à la St. Valentin. ❤


  2. Mon plus beau roman

    Mon plus beau roman d’amour,
    C’est toi qui me l’as écrit.
    Page à page et chaque jour
    Ton sourire l’a transcrit,

    Toi mon cadeau de Noël
    Comme au temps de mon enfance,
    Moi, baladin éternel
    Dans la même appartenance.

    Vois-tu ? Je ne peux t’aimer
    Car désormais je t’adore.
    Est-il un mot pour nommer
    Ce feu qui brûle en nos corps ?

    Georges Noel COLDOLD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merveilleux, Georges! Je l’ajoute a notre collection. Merci infiniment, Georges Noel, non seulement de ta participation mais de nous rappeler ce genre d’amour si pur et beau que l’on expérience qu’une fois dans sa vie. ❤


  3. Hier soir
    j’ai rêvé de toi
    de jour
    de nuit
    sous le soleil
    sous la pluie
    hier soir
    j’avais le coeur
    j’ai rêvé
    de fantasmes
    entre mêlés
    entre vécus
    de rendez-vous
    entre les nuances
    et les détails
    d’un bonheur
    sans trève
    de l’En Vie
    hier soir
    j’ai rêvé de toi.


  4. A Love that Endures

    A driving force, crazy feeling
    An emotion, aberration.
    Inspiration and sensation,
    Uncontrollable attraction.
    Racing heart, heated body.
    This need to see, to touch, to hear
    A longing for the one we miss.
    A willingness to sacrifice,
    To give up time, to find a way.
    To twist and turn any which way
    Just for a smile, just to see joy.
    To push, encourage and support,
    And stand close in a raging storm.
    A gladness, a sense of rightness,
    Thankfulness for the simplest things.
    Watching life unfold side by side,
    Eating a meal, drinking coffee.
    Appreciating, savoring
    The quiet times, the big moments.
    Growing and learning, making waves
    Having fun or crying out.
    What a blessing, what a gift
    How precious is love that endures.

    By Rebecca N Carmant
    February 13, 2016
    All Rights Reserved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! You have the gift to make us feel your emotions as if we were part of your inner self. This poem is amazing. Thanks, Rebecca, for participating in our Valentine Poetry Blast.


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