• Atis Lakay

 PATRICK NOZE 01a much talented painter, sculptor & portraitist

In the words of the artist from his official website:

PATRICK NOZE 00“… as you venture into my world of art, you will find subject matters that intrigue  your  imagination . My goal is to emphasize the Haitian culture and touch the heart of the world through visual imagery of its culture .  I do not restrict my artistic abilities, I have a wide range of styles. I have chosen to concentrate in the positive aspects of the Haitian culture because I  can identify better with the Haitian Struggle.   I am a Haitian artist educated in America, yet I still maintain the richness of the artistic techniques of Haiti. The brilliance of the colors   adapted in a different  style  One  will find correctness of anatomy and perception of dept , that differs my work from naïf paintings.   My style  defines  the apply artistic theories of a Haitian Artist educated in America.  My style represent a renaissance version of Haitian art. I welcome you to my world of art.”

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6008 Raleigh Street # 2305
Orlando, Florida 32835


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