Marika The Path of a Sculptor 2

“ARTSPIRATION” Life overflows with inspiration. These pages contain inspiration found. In childhood, we embark on the amazing journey of discovery to distant realms of imagination searching for our path. “Marika The Path of a Sculptor” is an invitation to persevere in your quest for your potential of a more creative life.

by Marika Bordes & Dennis Martin
by Marika Bordes & Dennis Martin

About Author Marika Bordes

Marika Bordes born on the Caribbean Island of Haiti amid towering trees, exotic flowers and mountains, then educated in a boarding school in Quebec, Canada, this artist captured the best of two worlds. In her middle years, she studied under the guidance of a master wood sculptor who at first glance told her, “Madam you can carve.” Thus, a petite woman found herself working the complexity of wood with mallet and chisels. Today, Marika’s inspiring sculptures reside in many places as ambassadors witnessing the sacredness of life. They invite an inner sensation of joy and serenity.