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• JANUARY 2014



    • PLEINS FEUX: Marika Bordes, artiste en sculpture
    • IDÉES DE LECTURE & LOISIR: Healing in the Homeland​ [Margaret Mitchell Armand]
    • POÉTISONS: Gogyohka [Maryse C. Elysée]​

“Marika Bordes is a Haitian born sculptor. She has lived in Canada, NYC and now in Seguin, TX. Working primarily in the beautiful woods found in South TX, Bordes creates mythical spiritual images that speak of the divine mother and our common human experience. She is a much awarded TX artist who most recently established a sculpture garden in Walnut Park, Sequin.” [Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association]

About Author Marika Bordes

Marika Bordes born on the Caribbean Island of Haiti amid towering trees, exotic flowers and mountains, then educated in a boarding school in Quebec, Canada, this artist captured the best of two worlds. In her middle years, she studied under the guidance of a master wood sculptor who at first glance told her, “Madam you can carve.” Thus, a petite woman found herself working the complexity of wood with mallet and chisels. Today, Marika’s inspiring sculptures reside in many places as ambassadors witnessing the sacredness of life. They invite an inner sensation of joy and serenity.

Admire the exceptional work of Marika Bordes

“ARTSPIRATION” Life overflows with inspiration. These pages contain inspiration found. In childhood, we embark on the amazing journey of discovery to distant realms of imagination searching for our path. “Marika The Path of a Sculptor” is an invitation to persevere in your quest for your potential of a more creative life.

The Little Prince as Inspiration

by Margaret Mitchell Armand (Author)


Margaret Mitchell Armand presents a cutting edge interdisciplinary terrain inside an indigenous exploration of her homeland. Her contribution to the historiography of Haïtian Vodou demonstrates the struggle for its recognition in Haïti’s post-independence phase as well as its continued misunderstanding. Through a methodological, original study of the colonial culture of slavery and its dehumanization, Healing in the Homeland: Haitian Vodou Traditions examines the socio-cultural and economic oppression stemming from the local and international derived politics and religious economic oppression.

While concentrating the narratives on stories of indigenous elites educated in the western traditions, Armand moves pass the variables of race to locate the historical conjuncture at the root of the persistent Haïtian national division. Supported by scholarships of indigenous studies and current analysis, she elucidates how a false consciousness can be overcome to reclaim cultural identity and pride, and include a socio-cultural, national educational program and political platform that embraces traditional needs in a global context of mutual respect. While shredding the western adages, and within an indigenous model of understanding, this book purposefully brings forth the struggle of the African people in Haïti. []


Enjoy these 2 new poems in the gogoyhka format written in English by Maryse C. Elysée

Death Divine Concerto

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Maryse Elysee

Retired Educator; Poet/Writer

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  1. Quand les mots pour dire l’au delà des mots ne viennent pas, une interjection vient sans le vouloir, sans le penser pour mettre à nu l’expression herculéenne du cœur. Aujourd’hui, l’interjection que j’ai entendue et que j’ai retenue, c’est WAW ! Au dire de Bécaud, ‘la retraite, ça fait gaga, la retraite, c’est con. A mieux comprendre les choses, la retraite, quand elle sert à créer a inventer, a exploiter des choses pour embellir la laideur des autres ou rendre plus belle la beaute des autres, on dirait que la vraie vie, ca commence avec elle. Maryse, je ne connais pas l’ampleur de votre travail mais je dirais qu’il est colossal. Tout le monde peut profiter de la richesse que vous mettez volontairement sur le vent, sur le temps,sur le net sur la sensibilité, sur la conscience, dans l’âme et surtout, sous les yeux. Que dieu vous garde et bonne continuation !


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